About Us

Our Ethos

The Childcare Partnership offers unique services providing traditional childcare for the modern family.

Our dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced childcare nannies will care for your children in your home and offer a service which is tailored to meet your family’s individual needs.

Our nannies understand the developmental requirements of your child, whatever their age, needs and ability and will arrive with an individual plan to ensure their physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional needs are fully supported during the time they spend with your children.

While we look after your children they will be cherished, stimulated, supported and protected by nannies who care.

Why we are different

With a real understanding of modern families The Childcare Partnership are set to revolutionise childcare. Our bespoke service is totally unique and we will be there when you need us to provide occasional nannying. The Childcare Partnership recognises that sometimes conventional childcare services just aren't enough for the modern family and we offer a service tailored to you – whether it’s a morning at the gym or a night out followed by a well-deserved lie in, the nanny will get your child up, dressed and fed and will make sure they are having too much fun to come and wake you up!

At the Childcare Partnership we appreciate the difficulties working parents can face when their children are ill or their regular childcare provider is unavailable, that’s why we offer our emergency nanny service allowing you to carry on your normal daily routine with the knowledge that your child is being cared for in their own home with the sensitivity they deserve.

However, we are not there just to care, our nannies will offer a complete experience and make sure your children have positive memories following the time they spend with the nanny. During the registration visit we will meet you to discuss the activities your children enjoy and then prepare the nanny for their visit taking into account your children’s age, developmental needs, ability, likes and dislikes. This will ensure their physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional needs are met whilst having fun.

The Childcare Partnership recognises the pressures the modern family faces when choosing someone to take care of their precious children. The management of The Childcare Partnership pride themselves in the rigorous selection process we employ when we hire nannies. All our nannies have a professional background, and the partnership will guarantee all legal requirements and safety checks are met before we appoint them.

Most importantly our nannies have a genuine love of children and limitless understanding of all their needs. She will nurture, create activities, encourage and support your children by providing a safe, fun and stimulating environment until you return.

Meet the Founder - Wendy Ross


Wendy Ross has over 35 years of childcare experience in many different settings including working for reputable nanny agencies in London and is OFSTED registered. She is a qualified Nursery Nurse with a particular interest in care of the newborn and caring for preterm babies. She has excellent communication skills with people of all ages and gaining a qualification in Attention, Listening and Understanding Children's Language supports this. Her friendly outlook and cheery disposition will make you and your children feel at ease. She is also qualified to level 3 in safeguarding children.

Perhaps her greatest skill and something she has a great passion for is infant nutrition. She has supported many families in making the right choice for them. She is always professional but very understanding and manages to make people feel at ease very quickly. Wendy is a qualified breast feeding counsellor and has many years practical experience. Trained by UNICEF she is not only an expert in the field herself she has helped to train many other health care professionals to a high standard with qualifications such as Breastfeeding Management and Delivering Breastfeeding Education.

She too has attended courses in baby resuscitation and first aid but perhaps her greatest quality is her kind and compassionate nature and her ability to act appropriately in difficult situations. She will always deliver your childcare with a smile on her face.

Give a Gift


Are you attending a baby shower and unsure what to buy the expectant parent?

Are you a Grandparent and want to buy the new parents the ultimate gift?

Do you know a family who are in need of a night’s sleep?

Is there a special occasion coming up and you know someone who needs childcare?

What do parents really want?

At The Childcare Partnership we have the ultimate gift for any family. TIME. You can buy vouchers for the full or part cost of a fully qualified experienced nanny.

The nanny from The Childcare Partnership will contact the family and discuss the help they require. It may be a night’s sleep, where the nanny will move in for the night and take care of the little ones so the parents can had an undisturbed night’s sleep and a well-deserved lie in. Or it may be a night out; the parents can go out relaxed in the knowledge their family is being cared for.

The recipient can use the voucher at a time that is convenient to them and for any of our services.


Frequently Asked Questions answers those enquiries we most often are asked. If your question is not answered here then please feel free to Contact Us with your question or give us call on 01522 718 987.


All of our nannies are highly qualified and experienced in childcare. We employ neonatal nurses, paediatric nurses, nursery nurses and general trained nurses who all have extensive experience of working with children and families.


The nannies responsibilities vary from family to family but the basics remain the same. The nanny's responsibilities include everything that correlates to the care of the children in her care.

These may include:

Preparing formula feeds, Sterilising bottles, Offering bottle feeds, Taking the baby to the mother for night breast feeds, Settling the baby/children, Preparing meals for the children, Dressing the children, Bathing, Provide age appropriate developmental stimulation, Ensuring safety, Follow the family bedtime routine, Change nappies, Tidy up after the children, Keep the parents fully informed either verbally or by documentation.

Other duties can be discussed at registration.


You can expect your nanny to arrive on time for work.

The nanny will arrive in The Childcare Partnership uniform and will have identification.

You can expect your nanny to keep you informed of your child’s activities, and eating habits during the time the she spends with them, this will be either verbally or written down whichever you would prefer.

You can expect the nanny to provide a positive environment for your child where all of their basic needs are attended to.

You can expect the nanny to respect your privacy and behave in a professional manner with you and your children.

Your nanny will not smoke or drink alcohol while on duty.


Legally, our nannies can look after children from up to two families while in a home environment.

Event nannies are able to care for groups of children and will always work in the correct nanny to child ratio.


Yes, all references are followed up via a telephone call so we can speak to the referee in person. The owners of The Childcare Partnership pride themselves in getting to know the nannies that work for them and are fully confident in their abilities, confidentiality, qualifications, references and experience.


All nannies are fully insured by Morton Michel and all have verified DBS checks.


Rest assured all of our nannies have a basic first aid certificate and have training in newborn life support.


There is a £36 registration fee which covers our initial meeting with you and your family, however if you choose to book with us this will be deducted from the fee the first time you use our service.


Registration is an informal meeting arranged at a time that suits you.

It may be a time when all of the family are together so we can meet you and your children or it can be just yourself. Registration must take place at your home or the place you wish for us to look after your children.

During this meeting we will discuss your children's needs and the services we can offer, we will also carry out a short risk assessment of your home for health and safety purposes and to ensure that all of our nannies have comprehensive knowledge of you, your children and your home.

There is no pressure to book us there and then. You will get your registration fee back off any services at any time. Any changes to your family life such as a new arrival or change of address will need to be adapted for our records but will be done free of charge.

Membership includes access to all areas of our website and there will be no call out charge for members when emergency cover is required.


When you make a booking, you will be provided with a fully inclusive price and will be asked for a 25% deposit, which is non-refundable.

The balance will be paid in full 48hrs before the appointment.

This can be paid using a cheque or via our online services.

Please note if paying with a cheque the balance will need to be cleared 48hrs before appointment. This may mean the cheque will need to be with us 5 days before you require our services.


At The Childcare Partnership we pride ourselves on our professionalism and are very keen to receive feedback.

In the unlikely event you are not 100% happy with the service we offer we will do our upmost to rectify the issues you have by following our complaints procedure and keeping you fully informed during the process.


All pricing is bespoke to the family we are looking after. Please give us a call on 01522 718987, or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.