Breastfeeding Support and Counselling in Lincolnshire

Are you thinking of breastfeeding or have you got questions about the best way to feed your baby?

You have so many things to think about and so many decisions to make, no one event in your life will be so life changing with so little training.

Breastfeeding Counselling can help.

Breast feeding can be so rewarding and is the most natural way to feed your baby. You will be giving your baby the best possible start in life and any period of breast feeding, however small, will benefit your baby.

  • Are you worried about breastfeeding?

  • Have you heard stories of how difficult it is to breastfeed?

  • Do you think you won’t be able to feed your baby?

Breast feeding can be instinctive, and come naturally to mothers and babies, however many new mothers don’t find it easy. The Childcare Partnership provides antenatal care and support which prepares you, your family and friends with the information you and they need to avoid difficulties, build your confidence and give your baby the healthiest start in life.

Do you know the benefits of breastfeeding your baby?

There are numerous health, educational, emotional and social benefits of breast feeding for you and your baby.

Some facts about breastfeeding:

Did you know breast feeding your baby reduces your risk of breast cancer, ovarian and uterine cancer, lessons the risk of osteoporosis and promotes weight loss?

Did you know breast feeding your baby reduces the baby’s risk of gastroenteritis, chest and respiratory illnesses, ear infections, urinary infections and childhood diabetes?

Did you know it is estimated that buying formula milk costs upwards of £450 a year.

Do you have all the information you need to make an informed choice about breastfeeding your baby?

Breast Feeding Counselling by The Childcare Partnership

Wendy Ross has worked with mums like you for 30 years and understands your fears; she understands you may find the thought of breast feeding daunting and confusing and that you may have heard all sorts of horror stories about breastfeeding.

Wendy is a highly trained and experienced breast feeding counsellor with qualifications from the Association of Breast Feeding Mothers, UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative and the La Lech League.

Wendy will visit you, your family and friends in your home during your pregnancy and will educate and support you and empower you with the information you need to make an informed choice that is right for you and your family.

Do you know the benefits of breast milk but don’t want to actually breastfeed?

Wendy is non-judgemental and will support your decisions. If you decide to give breast milk by bottle, which many mothers do not realise they can do, or formula feed, she will ensure you have the knowledge of how to bottle feed your baby safely.

Once you and your baby return home Wendy will visit you again and continue the support, ensuring that if you are breastfeeding, that positioning and attachment techniques are correct, that you are able to recognise your baby’s feeding cues and what to expect over the coming months.

Wendy is happy to offer telephone breastfeeding support for as long as you need it.

Call Wendy to discuss the breastfeeding counselling she can provide on
01522 718 987.

A good news story

I recently received a telephone call from the mother who was having difficulties breast feeding her 7 day old baby.

This beautiful little girl had lost over 10% of her birth weight, was slightly jaundiced and lethargic. The mother was suffering from sore nipples, was only able to express small amounts of breast milk and was exhausted. The father was extremely concerned about his wife and his daughter.

I visited them at home, put a plan in place which suited the family, discussed how to increase lactation, correct positioning and attachment and how to recognise an effective breast feed.

I kept in contact via telephone and I visited again 48 hours later.

What a difference, the little girl had gained 70 grams and mother and father were smiling.

10 days later the baby weighed above her birth weight and the mother sat confidently breast feeding her baby.

It was a joy to experience.

An update from mum


Breast Feeding Success Story"I thought you might like a little bit of follow up on one of your success stories. Our daughter is 20 weeks now. She is doing really well. Her weight gain is really good. She has no health problems and I am still breastfeeding. We have continued to include 1 formula feed a day and sometimes more if she seems particular hungry. It works well for us. I really enjoy my time feeding her now and I’ll miss it when it stops. I am really glad I persevered with your help."


Key Points about Breastfeeding

By deciding to breastfeed your baby, even for a day you are giving them the best gift you can.

If you are unsure and haven’t made a decision then the following information may help you make the right choice for you.

If you breastfeed your baby for just a few days he will receive your colostrum. It is low in fat and high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies and will keep your baby healthy. Colostrum is extremely easy for your baby to digest and is the perfect food his brand new body expects. Breastfeeding will also help your body recover from the birth.

Key Facts

  • If you breastfeed for four to six weeks you will have protected him through the most vulnerable part of infancy. Newborns who are not breastfed are much more likely to get sick or be hospitalised and have many more digestive problems than breastfed babies.

  • If you breastfeed for three or four months his digestive system will have matured a great deal and by giving nothing but breast milk for the first four months you have given strong protection against ear infections for a whole year.

  • If you breastfeed for six months your baby is much less likely to suffer an allergic reaction to other foods you begin to add to his diet and helps ensure better health throughout his first year of life. It may greatly reduce your baby’s risk of ear infections and childhood cancers and reduces your risk of breast cancer.

  • If you breastfeed for nine months you will have supported your baby through the fastest and most important brain and body development of his life with the food that was designed for him – your milk.

  • If you breastfeed for a year you will have avoided the expense of formula and your one year old can probably eat most of the foods your family enjoy. Most of the health benefits this year of breastfeeding has given will last his whole life. He will have a stronger immune system due to the immune factors in breast milk which will increase in concentration during his second year. Research has shown a relationship between a higher IQ and extended breast feeding.

  • So if you breastfeed for a day, a year or beyond we are here to support you and your family.