Some of the feedback from some of the mums we have helped with breastfeeding 

Wendy is an Angel! She has been such amazing support over the last 11 months, all the way through from mastering how to breastfeed, to how to wean off onto a bottle and solid food, as well as sleeping tips! I’ve found her advice really well measured and doesn’t involve any “extreme” methods. She’s very knowledgable about all things mother and baby. I wouldn’t have had such an amazing first mother experience without her.


I recently received a telephone call from the mother who was having difficulties breast feeding her 7 day old baby.

This beautiful little girl had lost over 10% of her birth weight, was slightly jaundiced and lethargic. The mother was suffering from sore nipples, was only able to express small amounts of breast milk and was exhausted. The father was extremely concerned about his wife and his daughter.

I visited them at home, put a plan in place which suited the family, discussed how to increase lactation, correct positioning and attachment and how to recognise an effective breast feed.

I kept in contact via telephone and I visited again 48 hours later.

What a difference, the little girl had gained 70 grams and mother and father were smiling.

10 days later the baby weighed above her birth weight and the mother sat confidently breast feeding her baby.

It was a joy to experience.

An update from mum

Breast Feeding Success Story”I thought you might like a little bit of follow up on one of your success stories. Our daughter is 20 weeks now. She is doing really well. Her weight gain is really good. She has no health problems and I am still breastfeeding. We have continued to include 1 formula feed a day and sometimes more if she seems particular hungry. It works well for us. I really enjoy my time feeding her now and I’ll miss it when it stops. I am really glad I persevered with your help.”