Day Nanny

The Childcare Partnership provides nannies on an occasional basis for families who require comprehensive childcare in their chosen environment. This can be a one off occasion or more regularly to fit in with your families needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

In order for your children to thrive and blossom their Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social needs must be understood. Our nannies have the knowledge and understanding to make sure your child's needs are met; taking into consideration their age, ability and intellect in a fun and encouraging environment.

The Childcare Partnership nanny will arrive with her prepared outline of care based on your children’s age, ability, developmental needs, likes and dislikes. She will inspire and encourage your children’s development and will be responsible for the total well-being of your children whilst on duty.

Our nannies will use their own experience and knowledge of child development and education to suit the needs of your family. They can be there to help you parent your children and they understand the privilege of taking part in your parenting journey.

The Nannies work within the P.I.L.E.S framework in providing care and development for your child.

This list is not exhaustive and we will work with you to ensure your family’s needs are met in full.

The nanny will leave you a record of activities and discuss these with you if you wish.


If you would like further information give Wendy a call on 01522 718 987
or fill in the form at Get in Touch.