Emotional Development

The nanny provided by The Childcare Partnership has an inordinate amount of knowledge regarding children's needs. She arrives at your chosen venue prepared to support your children’s emotional needs. She will help them to identify and understand their own feelings and those of others and manage the way they feel. Your nanny will help your children build good relationships with family, friends and others, ensuring they are safe and secure and lead by example.

Your nanny understands that young children frequently get frustrated; this is usually due to their being a large gap between the things they want to do and the things they are actually able to do. This often results in a temper tantrum. The nanny will remain calm and encourage them to talk about their frustrations and support their every need. As your children get older, and they are able to communicate with the nanny, they will become more confident and able to express their feelings in words and the temper tantrums will cease. Your nanny will treat your children with sympathy and empathy and the love they deserve


Your nanny with support your children’s emotional needs by;

  • Keeping their environment calm, warm and predictable.

  • Understanding your children’s emotional needs.

  • Talking about emotions to help them understand their feelings.

  • Helping them put their feelings into words.

  • Encouraging your children to talk about situations.

  • Praising your children for staying calm.

  • Showing your children affection.

  • Setting reasonable boundaries.