Here is an example of the wedding childcare services we provided to a Bride and Groom with a small baby.

It started with a telephone enquiry and ended with the bride and groom saying that the money they spent on a nanny from The Childcare Partnership was the best service they had purchased.

A lovely couple with a beautiful 14 week old baby required a wedding nanny. They had discussed their childcare needs with family and friends and had lots of offers from wedding guests to care for their baby, but the mother understood that if the baby became upset or needed feeding or nappy changes someone would have to leave the church/venue and they would miss parts of the wedding.

More importantly the parents did not want the baby being passed from guest to guest, becoming distressed and ultimately the parents having to leave their wedding to comfort their baby.

As all parents know the buck stops with them where their children are concerned.

I made an appointment to meet the mother and the baby, in their home, two weeks before the wedding, we spent 2 hours getting to know each other and discussing what she wanted from me. I feel this is very important, the parents need to feel confident with the nanny. Weddings can be very stressful and when choosing a service you need to know you are employing someone who can do the job, without any fuss, is professional, honest and trustworthy and will go that extra mile.

The parents had decided they required a nanny at the church service, during the reception and to take care of the baby in the evening. During our meeting we discussed the whole day and who was going to care for the baby during those mad few hours when the make-up artist and hairdressers were at the house, when the 4 young bridesmaids were all getting ready at the same time. The photographer arriving to take the home shots and guests arriving, very excited but very frightening for a little baby who is used to a quiet house and routine.

The bride-to-be booked me for the whole day and as The Childcare Partnership charges by the hour she would only pay for the hours the nanny would be there.

On the day of the wedding I arrived bright and early, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there was excitement in the air.

I will always remember the look of relief when the bride-to be saw me. The house was full, little children were running around excitedly, the hairdresser had set up in one corner and the make-up artist was ready to go in another. And there sat in in the middle of all this was the beautiful little baby all wide eyed and wondering what was going on.

I took the baby into his room, fed him and put him down for a sleep.

When baby woke up I bathed him and dressed him in his new wedding outfit, all ready for the big day.

The couple were having their wedding service videoed and had asked me to take their baby out of the church if he cried. Baby was fine, watching what was going on until the congregation started to sing, he didn’t like it, so I wheeled him into the church grounds and sat in the sunshine, everyone was happy but if I hadn’t been there one of the guests would be missing out on the wedding ceremony.

Baby was there for the wedding photographs so he was part of this special day.

At the reception venue I was given a bedroom which was quiet and relaxed, baby was changed and fed and had a little sleep while his parents greeted their guests had a glass of champagne and enjoyed their day.

We were able to go to the reception so the guests could meet this little man, he had his photograph taken and had a well-deserved cuddle with his mummy and daddy.

During the speeches baby became unsettled and I took him back to the room, bathed him, put on his pyjamas gave him his bottle and put him to bed. Baby went straight to sleep, he had had a busy day.

I stayed with the baby until his grandparents took over his care.

The family were delighted with the care I provided, they said it was reassuring that their baby was close by and he could be part of their special day but had been cared for by a professional who they trusted.