Intellectual Development

Play is the main way children learn and develop. The nannies provided by The Childcare Partnership are aware of your children’s intellectual needs and will plan the time they spend with them making sure your little ones have a fun time whilst they learn.

Your nanny will read stories to your children, but the learning won’t end when the story finishes, she will discuss the story to encourage speech, she will ask questions and inspire your children to think about the story and its meaning and how this relates to your child’s life experiences.

Your nanny can help children with their homework; support them with puzzles, colouring and drawing, she will give praise and encouragement and ensure your children have fun whilst they learn.


Your nanny will encourage intellectual development by;

  • Provide educational fun games.

  • Read books.

  • Drawing and painting.

  • Encourage imaginative play.

  • Help with homework.

  • Cutting and sticking.

  • Cooking.