Language Development

The nanny's provided by The Childcare Partnership understand the important role they play in your child’s language development. They recognise that children who are read to and spoken to a great deal in their early years they will have larger vocabularies and better grammar than children who aren't.

Your nanny will talk to your children about their time together as the day progresses, explaining what they are going to do and why they are doing it. She will count as they go up the stairs and point out colours and numbers. She will read age appropriate books and make them fun by using an animated voice and encouraging your child to join in with repetitive phrases and noises. With your permission she will take your child to ‘story time’ at the library and then encourage your child to chat about the outing.

Your nanny will sing songs and nursery rhymes and inspire your children to join in, she will tell exciting stories, always with a happy ending and then join your children in reenacting them.

Your nanny will use the television sparingly and will always follow the programme with an activity which will encourage play and speech.

With your permission your nanny will take your children out, for example to the library or the park where they will enjoy lots of new experiences and so will have lots to talk about..


Your nanny will support language development by;

  • Speaking to them in a language they will understand.

  • Singing songs, rhymes and jingles.

  • Listening to the children and answering their questions.

  • Reading books.

  • Providing new adventures.