Night Nanny

Having babies and young children can be exhausting and sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries. Our nannies will arrive at your home and take over the care of your little ones while you have a well-deserved undisturbed nights’ sleep, an evening out with the luxury of a lie in, or maybe just some ‘you’ time. You can relax in the knowledge that your children are being cared for by a highly trained professional.

Night nannies have the same duties as the nanny but additional duties include:

• Night feeds including supporting breast feeding

• Changing nappies

• Settling your child to sleep

• Preparing and sterilising your baby's bottles

• Dress your child in the morning

• Stay longer in the morning to allow you a lie-in

• Ensuring the children are safe and comfortable eg; temperature control and positioning

• Keep detailed records of all care provided

And then when morning arrives the night nanny will take care of everything including dressing, breakfast and play time to allow a lie-in if pre booked. The hours the nanny works are to suit your requirements. 

If you would like further information give Wendy a call on 01522 718 987
or fill in the form at Get in Touch.