Parents we have helped

Here are some accounts and testimonials of parents that we have helped.

A quick note to say thank you for your support with getting our boys to sleep.
Before beginning to work with you, my husband and I were sleeping in separate beds, one with each child and had been for 10 months. Both boys were up multiple times in the night, our baby was up, up to 14 times a night and having just gone back to work, I was totally exhausted.
I couldn’t go out and leave our baby in the evening because he wouldn’t settle for anyone else, and when I had tried to go out e.g. for a wedding reception, I had to come home again because he was beside himself and wouldn’t settle back to sleep without me.
Claire has been so supportive and knowledgeable. We are now in a position where everyone is in their own rooms, the boys sleeping on their own so we can be back in our bed. Our baby will now settle for other people in the night, which allowed me to go away for a night for my best friend’s hen do. We are getting much better sleep than before and feel we can function better in the day as a result.
This has made such a massive difference to every area of our family life. Claire has been amazing at listening to our wants and needs and considering our family and our situation on an individual basis.
She has been careful not to pressurise us into techniques that didn’t suit our parenting style, and has ensured that her plan juggles the various needs and activities of our whole family. She has been very patient and encouraging, but has also held us accountable, which we needed to make progress.
Claire has a huge wealth of knowledge in all aspects of parenting and we have learnt so much from her. She has helped us to really take a step back and realise things that we were doing without even realising that were causing us sleep issues.
Your services as a company are so greatly needed in this county at the moment. I had approached the health visiting team about both breast feeding and sleep difficulties and received no support, your company came to my rescue in both instances and I honestly don’t know if I’d still be breastfeeding now if it wasnt for your help and for that I’m deeply grateful. I will continue to recommend you to my friends and the health visiting team.