Physical Needs

Your child’s physical challenge begins at birth and evolves as your child grows. The nannies at The Childcare Partnership will have an understanding of your child’s abilities and needs through observing them. They can then arrange the play space so they can provide experiences and activities that satisfy and entice them to achieve further physical goals.

The nannies aim is to provide experiences for your children that will enhance their development in a wide range of physical skills, but will be there to keep your children safe without being over protective.

  • Encourage your child to climb, swing and run.

  • Ensure your child plays in a safe secure area.

  • The nanny will continually check the surroundings and equipment for any dangers.

  • Your nanny will encourage your children’s physical needs by;

  • Providing nappy changes and toilet training.

  • Ensure your child’s clothes are clean.

  • Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and environment.

  • Prepare healthy and nutritious meals.

  • Encourage age and ability motor developmental care.

  • Ensure your child is kept safe, for example by using safety gates and fire guards.