Sleep Counselling


Do you find bedtimes difficult?
Does your baby only sleep when cuddled?
Do your children wake you throughout the night but you have exhausted all options and don’t know where to turn?

Did you think it would be dim lighting, lavender smelling bubbles, baby snuggled in pretty white bedding and you getting a great night’s sleep.


Are you experiencing your baby being unsettled, waking frequently, unable to sleep without being cuddled or ending up spending the night in bed with you?

For your baby to develop and thrive to its full potential at the age of 4 months he or she needs 15.5 hours sleep a day.

The Childcare Partnership offers, professional, qualified sleep consultants who will work with you and your family to get you on track and your children into bed!

Our soft and gentle approach to your child’s sleep problems provides individualised family care and support, every step of the way. All families experience different sleep problems with their children. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

The Childcare Partnership’s sleep team is headed up by Claire Watson. Claire is a Norland trained nanny with over 30 years of childcare experience and a level 4 sleep consultant.

Our sleep consultant’s gentle approach in helping your child to sleep encourages you to make gradual changes in your child's daily routine. This helps both you and your child to adjust whilst they learn how to sleep.

The Childcare Partnership sleep counsellinG OFFERING

Slumber Sleep

Sleep Counselling with The Childcare Partnership

For babies from 4 months to children aged 7 years.

Golden Slumber provides extensive family support over a 6 week period.

This solution is designed to resolve children’s sleep issues and develop better family sleep patterns.

What happens:

Initially we need to collect some information from you to ensure that when the sleep consultant meets you for the first time she is fully prepared. Your sleep consultant is on hand if you have any problems completing the diaries.

Your sleep consultant will contact you when she has the information to arrange your appointment; which will either be in person or by Skype. The session lasts up to an hour, and is to discuss and evaluate your child’s sleeping pattern and formulate an individualised plan.

Your sleep consultant will then create a personalised sleep and diet plan for your family to address your child’s sleep issues whilst recognising your family’s individual requirements.

Your sleep consultant will then be in regular contact via email or telephone with you for the next 6 weeks to assess your child’s continued progress and make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

The cost of this service is: £325.00.

Additional Siblings can be catered for, price will be dependent on child’s needs.

If you would like further information give Wendy a call on 01522 718 987
or fill in the form at Get in Touch.