Social Development

Your children are constantly learning about their world and how they get along with others. Their social development is learned through play and games.

Your nanny recognises that children go through different phases of social development and as they grow they move from playing alone to playing alongside other children and finally they will play co-operatively with other children. Children of different ages, backgrounds and personalities often experience different challenges in developing social skills. We know that some children make friends easily and others find it difficult. Your nanny understands your children’s developing social skills require support, practice and repetition and she will dedicate her time spent with your children supporting their needs and being a role model.


Your nanny with support your children’s emotional needs by;

  • Keeping their environment calm, warm and predictable.

  • Understanding your children’s emotional needs.

  • Talking about emotions to help them understand their feelings.

  • Helping them put their feelings into words.

  • Encouraging your children to talk about situations.

  • Praising your children for staying calm.

  • Showing your children affection.

  • Setting reasonable boundaries.