Specialist Nanny for Children with Complex Needs

All nannies supplied by The Childcare Partnership are highly qualified and experienced in caring for children with additional needs. Our specialist nanny will be aware of the child's limitations but will also help them reach their full potential. An individual assessment of your child's needs will help us place a well suited nanny in every circumstance. The specialist nanny will follow the duties of the nanny but will adapt these to suit your child's requirements. Please be assured your children will be safe, stimulated and well cared for.

Our specialist nanny can:

  • Give medication with parental permission

  • Tube/Peg feed

  • Home oxygen therapy

  • Use specialist equipment such as wheelchairs and hoists.

The Nannies work within the P.I.L.E.S framework in providing care and development for your child.

This list is not exhaustive and we will work with you to ensure your family’s needs are met in full.

The nanny will leave you a record of activities and discuss these with you if you wish.

If you would like further information give Wendy a call on 01522 718 987
or fill in the form at Get in Touch.