Wedding & Civil Partnership Childcare for Partners with Children


Have you purchased the most important suit or dress you will ever buy ?
Are the flowers ordered ?
Cake selected ?
Seating plan decided ?

Well done, you are ready to go... but are you?

Just imagine, the hairdresser arrives, your children are over excited, running around in their pyjamas, the baby needs feeding and the straighteners are heating up, the telephone is ringing and everyone is asking you questions.

Your special day! It sounds more like a nightmare.

Take a deep breath, relax and call The Childcare Partnership.

You can have a qualified nanny to come to your home and take over the care of your children while you spoil yourself, you deserve it.

The nanny from The Childcare Partnership will arrive as early as you need them, they will feed, bathe and dress your children. She will keep them amused and occupied until you are all ready to go.

The nanny can also meet you at the venue and continue to care for your children during the ceremony and sit with them at the reception making sure they are happy safe and entertained whist you meet your guests, drink your champagne and relax and enjoy your special day; knowing your children are being cared for and are having fun.

Are you inviting children to your wedding?


If you have a large number of guests with children why don’t you treat all your guests by providing a wedding crèche?

Childcare Partnership nannies will come to the venue of your choice with all the tricks of the trade to entertain your little guests for as long as you need, including an overnight babysitting service if needed.

The nannies can set up a creche in an area away from the main party where running around is encouraged and singing and dancing is a must.

The children will have an amazing time decorating a wedding cake, making bouquets of paper flowers, jumping in and out out the ball pool and doing all the things children love to do.

You and your guests can relax and party the night away happy in the knowledge that the little ones are being cared for by qualified nannies whose sole purpose is to ensure the children are safe, happy and entertained.

Can I share the cost of the creche with my guests?

The cost of the Wedding Creche can be shared between the guests. Give Wendy from The Childcare Partnership a call on 01522 718987, she is happy to discuss this with you and your guests, and can also provide information to accompany your invitations for guests.

Let the children have a party of their own and book them with a nanny or nannies from The Childcare Partnership.