Wedding or Civil Partnership Childcare for Guests


Have you been invited to a wedding?

our children will be very excited about being invited to this very special occasion and will look forward to playing with other children at the wedding and busting some moves on the dance floor.

But long periods of sitting still and being quiet can be difficult for young children who naturally have a short attention span. Boredom kicks in, the little ones become restless, hungry and overtired which can lead to tantrums, tears and a frazzled parents.

Are you going to be the parents who have to leave the ceremony because your child needs the toilet?

Will you miss the speeches because your baby gets upset and cries?

Are you and your partner the couple who are never together at the party as one of you is taking care of your children?


It doesn't have to be like this. Let me set the scene.

You arrive at the venue and are met by a friendly nanny who will take your children into a crèche area full of exciting toys and activities where singing and dancing is a must and running around is encouraged.

The qualified nannies will supervise the play, feed your children and provide all personal care.

Your children will never be far away from you and you can pop back and see them at any time.

The children can join you for the photographs and be there for the dancing but usually they will be far too busy decorating a wedding cake, making bouquets of flowers and personalising a T-shirt to be worried about mum or dad.

The nannies are also available to babysit the children at the venue until you are ready to take over their care, we can even provide an overnight babysitting service.

You may have been invited to a wedding and have been requested not to bring your children.

What a dilemma, especially if it is a family event and your normal babysitter is attending the wedding and is not available.

There is an answer.

A fully qualified nanny from The Childcare Partnership can come to your home and care for your children while you attend this special day.

The nanny will be there for as long as you need her and will even stay overnight.

The nannies are insured to care for children from more than one family so the cost can be shared.

Just as all weddings and civil partnerships are individual the childcare we offer is bespoke and we will be happy to come out and meet you and make sure the package you choose will fulfil your children’s needs.

Give Wendy Ross a call on 01522 718 987 to discuss your requirements.